Wynne’s War

wynneswar2“For his latest novel, Gwyn (Dog on the Cross) spoke with military personnel, including Green Berets and Army Rangers, and his efforts show: the book pulsates with a verisimilitude that places readers in the war-torn mountains of Afghanistan. When Cpl. Elijah Russell unwittingly reveals his expert horsemanship during a firefight in Iraq, he and his best friend are reassigned to an elite Special Forces unit. He soon realizes why he was summoned: the team, led by its beloved and enigmatic captain, needs Russell to get its stable of horses in riding shape for a covert mission. As the squad approaches the Afghan-Pakistani border, Russell begins questioning this stealth operation. Is it really, as the captain says, about rescuing prisoners of war? What about all this treasure they keep finding? And who exactly is this Captain Wynne, a former hedge fund manager, and what are his true motives? The battle scenes are unabashedly graphic, but readers will be too caught up in their vivid realism to mind. VERDICT Many folks have wondered when American authors would begin producing memorable fiction about the Iraq-Afghanistan wars; with this well-researched, heart-pounding novel, Gwyn stakes his claim.”—Library Journal, Michael Pucci

“Wynne’s War is a deep and beautifully written story of men, war, and madness, told by a young American master. A page-turner of poetic and savage grace, of our time but transcending it, this novel takes its rightful place among the great American literature of war.” — Nic Pizzolatto, author of Galveston, creator of HBO’s True Detective.

“Gwyn’s (Dog on the Cross) story is a gripping tale of men at war in the desolate snow-capped mountains of eastern Afghanistan, and captures the essence of close combat—the terror, excitement, chaos, tension, and cruelty, as well as the harsh decisions men make under stress. Corporal Elijah Russell, an Army Ranger, is assigned to a Special Forces team in Afghanistan to train Green Berets to ride horses for a clandestine mission. The team commander is Captain Wynne, a charismatic, fearless, and ruthless officer whose men worship him. Russell and his battle buddy, Wheels, are part of Wynne’s 13-man SF team, but Russell smells a rat, as the captain’s reputation, mission description, and secrecy spook him. The team’s journey on horseback into the mountains is grueling, and bloody encounters with Chechens and Taliban militants make Russell suspect the mission is bogus. And then things get worse, and Russell finally understands that Captain Wynne has his own strange agenda. This story is not for wimps—the scenes of battlefield wound treatment, and the torture and execution of prisoners, in particular, are grim and will upset some readers. But its gritty realism is part of the strength.”–Publishers Weekly, (starred review).

“I haven’t had this much fun as a reader in a long time. Wynne’s War is a great adventure story, impeccably researched, masterfully plotted, with chapters that blur by like a hail of bullets.” — Benjamin Percy, author of Red Moon.

“Wynne’s War combines two of America’s great literary genres, the Western and the war story, brilliantly. This taut, elegant, beautiful novel takes us straight to the tension at the heart of combat decision-making: mission or men.” — Nathaniel Fick, author of One Bullet Away.

“This novel feels like Cormac McCarthy meets Tim O’Brien. I could not stop reading it.” — Philipp Meyer, author of The Son.

“Propellant storytelling in the tradition of McCarthy and Conrad. A gripping morality tale told with bristling exactitude.” – Paul Lynch, author of Red Sky in Morning.